Jokkmokk’s steel is hard but the welcome is warm

21 January 2021

Ensuring Swebor steel products can withstand whatever challenges our customers throw at them requires careful production and operational planning. That’s why our Site Manager, Aron, is such an important member of the team. He’s managed production planning at our steel factory at Jokkmokk, Sweden, for nine years.

At Jokkmokk we produce armor steel, wear plates, grouser bars, wear bars, cutting edges and half-arrow edges, in a wide range of profiles.

“Over the years we have digitized our production, which has made the process very efficient,” Aron says. “We are constantly doing research, upgrading our skills and learning from each other. We keep developing our processes and coming up with new solutions and techniques, so that our products continue to improve.”

Jokkmokk is a town of 2800 people, found about 1000km north of Stockholm. There are no better conditions in the world to harden steel than the Arctic climate of Jokkmokk.

“We get a lot of visitors here — from politicians to business owners,” Aron says. “We really enjoy showing them around the factory. People are surprised that we have the capacity to produce tonnes of steel each year here in Jokkmokk and that we deliver our products worldwide.”

Our skilled team makes Swebor who we are — a company founded on quality and trust. Without great people, we wouldn’t have great products.