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Premium steel by swebor
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Premium steel by swebor
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Premium steel by swebor
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Steel from Sweden is renowned for its superior quality, consistency and reliability.
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Swebor is a company built on metallurgical excellence. Without great people we wouldn’t have great products.
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Join Swebor Steel today, and represent a global brand known for high quality and great service.
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Swebor Wear Plates™ possess unique combination of hardness, toughness, planarity and workability, mainly used in heavy industries such as plant- and earth moving work.

We specialize in thin and precise abrasion resistant wear steel with singularly tight variance constraints.

Our specific approach to strip plates production also means we achieve a more even result at any given target thickness. The durable and load-bearing steel comes in five different grades, all produced for a long life in a though environment. Standard sizes available. Custom dimensions are available upon request.

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To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises. This is the single most important core value that we rally around at Swebor.

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