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Premium protection steel by swebor
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Premium protection steel by swebor
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Premium protection steel by swebor
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Steel from Sweden is renowned for its superior quality, consistency and reliability.
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Swebor is a company built on metallurgical excellence. Without great people we wouldn’t have great products.
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Join Swebor Steel today, and represent a global brand known for high quality and great service.
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Swebor Armor™ 600 and 550 are two of the world’s most bendable steels at this grade. Tested time and again, Swebor Armor™ 600 and 550 have outstanding performances in ballistic tests.
The lightweight steels contain an unparalleled combination of hardness and weldability. They can be applied from trucks to walls. It’s made to protect – today and tomorrow.

Swebor Armor™ has an excellent, proven track record in real world conflict scenarios —trusted by vehicle manufacturers and engineers worldwide to keep people safe.

Swebor R&D focuses on producing protection steel that is more bendable and weldable, without compromising on protection attributes. Swebor Armor™ are available in seven different grades based on hardness and other properties.

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To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises. This is the single most important core value that we rally around at Swebor.

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