Swebor Counterweights™

SWEBOR Counterweights™

Presenting Swebor Counterweights™

A unique 220mm product with excellent shipping time, pricing and flexibility. Counterweights are used to provide a balance against something of equal weight, helping to make lifting loads easier and more efficient. Container handling vehicles such as forklifts and reach stackers have a limited space and using concrete is not an ideal option. Swebor Counterweights™ is made to increase stability with fewer and thicker slabs where the lack of space demands a weight application with high density.


Production and delivery 

Since the early 2000s, the production of Swebor Counterweights™ takes place in our facilities in Luleå, Sweden, where we flame cut and machine the counterweights to your exact specifications. Since our customers can be found across the globe, quick deliveries are a must. This is something we take great pride in as we always hold ourselves to a certain standard.



Today, Swebor delivers counterweights to the offshore industry and 25% of the world’s heavy trucks market. The loadbearing, flexible steel is used in a wide variety of applications by manufacturers of heavy lifting equipment, elevators, drilling rigs, locomotives, and other products. For over seventeen years Swebor has worked with Konecranes, supplying them with counterweights for their forklifts and reach stackers.

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We produce high quality steel

Swebor Counterweights™

To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises. This is the single most important core value that we rally around at Swebor.

Konecranes Customer Review

Swebor Counterweights™ - Konecranes Customer Review

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