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Swebor Steels provide excellent weldability and workability. To ensure you get the best possible results, learn more about the preferred practice and approach when introducing Swebor Steels in your manufacturing pipeline.

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Wear resistant steels are all similar but due to different quenching processes and chemical analysis they differ regarding hardness, ductility and lifetime. Swebor follows the traditional way of steel production. Hot rolling, quenching and finding the right resting times are all important steps for the materials homogeneous structure. It brings toughness to the steel as hardness is not the only property which counts for a wear resistant product.

Furthermore, we put emphasis on the fact that no heat is brought into the steel after the quenching process. This would cause the creation of a heat effected zone with a reduced hardness. For this carefully chosen procedure with an outstanding result we ask for a fair price. Cheaper prices can only be achieved by:

  • leaving out certain production steps (direct quenching with not giving the hot rolled steel the chance to settle after rolling)
  • choosing a more inefficient production method (flame cutting wear parts from cheap and already quenched wear plates)
  • using a lighter chemical analysis on the steel (and reaching the lower tolerances of the mechanical properties at best)

All the above will lead to a weaker wear resistant performance. This will result in higher costs for the end user due to shorter product life time and therefore more frequent maintenance.

Swebor has developed their own chemical compositions for the steels they use in their production. These are purchased at a wide pool of Western European suppliers which guarantee a steady performance in their steel production. With our ISO certification and a working quality management we make sure that the high quality we stand for also reaches our customers.

Yes, we did! Swebor Armor™ 600 is a highly machinable lightweight steel and one of the world’s most bendable steels at this grade.



To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises. This is the single most important core value that we rally around at Swebor.

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