We produce high quality steel in four categories, all of them hardened in the north. From vehicle armor to cranes – steel from Swebor is made to last.

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Swebor Armor™ —trusted by vehicle manufacturers and engineers worldwide to keep people safe.

Swebor R&D focuses on producing protection steel that is more bendable and weldable, without compromising on protection attributes. Swebor Armor™ are available in seven different grades based on hardness and other properties.

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SWEBOR Edge & Bar Profiles

We pay attention to detail and durability. 

We always put great effort into producing high-quality products. Swebor Edge & Bar profiles are no exception.

The production and engineering of steel profiles require a lot of experience and skills, particularly with regards to heat treatment — to not compromise the shape while hardening. That is why we harden our steel after the cut, to guarantee Swedish high-quality steel.

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SWEBOR Counterweights™

We are proud to present Swebor Counterweights™.

A unique 220mm product with excellent shipping time and pricing, today delivered to 25% of the heavy trucks market. Increase stability with fewer and thicker slabs. With years of experience we’ll cut and machine the counterweight to your exact specifications. Contact us for a professional application consultation.

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SWEBOR Wear Plates™

We specialize in thin and precise abrasion resistant wear steel with singularly tight variance constraints.

Our specific approach to strip plates production also means we achieve a more even result at any given target thickness. The durable and load-bearing steel comes in five different grades, all produced for a long life in a though environment. Standard sizes available. Custom dimensions are available upon request.

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