Swebor Edge & Bar Profiles

SWEBOR Edge & Bar Profiles

We pay attention to detail and durability. 

We always put great effort into producing high-quality products. Swebor Edge & Bar profiles are no exception.

The production and engineering of steel profiles require a lot of experience and skills, particularly with regards to heat treatment — to not compromise the shape while hardening. That is why we harden our steel after the cut, to guarantee Swedish high-quality steel.

Swebor Grouser Bars™

Swebor Grouser Bars™ are available in seven different profiles and they can be found in a wide area of use. From crushers and flatbeds to the tracks of a dozer, Swebor Grouser Bars™ will bring durability where you need it the most.


Swebor Wear Bars™

Swebor Wear Bars™ are available in a wide range of profiles and are often used inside or under a bucket. Produced to endure wear and tear, Swebor Wear Bars™ will pass the toughest of tests.


Swebor Cutting Edges™

Swebor Cutting Edges™ are used in the front of loader and excavator buckets. The steel is heat-treated after the cut which makes the final product even better and more durable.


Swebor Half-arrow Edges™

Swebor Half-arrow Edges™ can be applied as front edges on loader buckets to protect its Cutting Edges. It can also be used as a bucket side protector. It’s a cost-effective way to protect new buckets as well as repair worn ones.

We produce high quality steel

Swebor Edge & Bar Profiles

To us, trust is everything. Beyond producing the best possible product, our primary concern is to always deliver on our promises. This is the single most important core value that we rally around at Swebor.


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