Swebor commissions a new tempering furnace

1 April 2018

During March of 2017 we commissioned a new tempering furnace, to upgrade our methods of steel production. The bogie-hearth furnace, with a capacity of 10t, was installed at our steel mill in Jokkmokk. In collaboration with Swedish Electroheat AB the furnace was first produced and then tested, to uphold the high-quality standards of Swebor and our customers. With six different temperature zones and an air circulation system the furnace can produce a variety of steel types and grades. The recent investment will enable Swebor to produce new steel grades for both armor and wear plates, as well as thicker and more durable cutting edges. The tempering furnace is 8.2 meters long, 2.8 meters wide and stands 1.5 meters above the ground.