A unique swedish collaboration delivers a fully customized modular solution made of armor steel

1 September 2023

In the realm of critical infrastructure, some clients demand more than the ordinary. They may require varying levels of security and protection, mobility and expansion capabilities, or a solution that thrives in challenging environments or adverse climates. In a one-of-a-kind partnership involving ENACO, Box Modul, and Swebor, a fully customized modular solution was crafted to meet the specific needs of a client with exceptional requirements for high-security protection.

In 2022, ENACO received a request from a client with precise safety and protection criteria. The client sought a prefabricated, transportable, and secure technology module constructed from armored steel to shield the technology from external impacts.

Collaborating with modular manufacturer Box Modul and Swebor, ENACO initiated a project to construct a solution entirely aligned with the client’s needs and specifications. Despite having no prior experience working together, all three entities quickly recognized their respective contributions to creating an intelligent, adaptable, and highly sought-after security product within the realm of critical infrastructure. Through unwavering commitment, open dialogue, and a shared objective, they collectively met the client’s requirements and delivered a unique, fully tailored solution.

– At ENACO, for several years we’ve been focusing on securing technology within critical infrastructure, but to build protective enclosures with these security standards, we needed to collaborate with Sweden’s finest suppliers. Swebor and Box Modul both entered the project with tremendous dedication, professionalism, and a customer-centric approach, making it a successful partnership from day one. I hope this paves the way for more joint ventures in the future, says Mikael Berggren, CEO of ENACO.

Founded in 1982, Swebor produces over 20,000 tons of high-quality steel annually for the global market.

– This project allowed us to challenge ourselves. Our development team engineered specialized armored plates based on the client’s specifications to create an efficient shell protection system against the threats encountered. The outcome was a unique product with an extremely high resistance to penetration, all while maintaining the weight level demanded by the client, says Petter Eriksson, CEO of Swebor.

Beyond its exceptional security features, the developed module offers additional advantages.

– The design of the modular solution is virtually limitless. It need not conform to the traditional metal box; imagination is the only constraint. Whether you desire a module with a brick facade that blends seamlessly into the environment or a red cottage, the possibilities are wide open. The collaboration with ENACO and Swebor has been exceptionally smooth, and we take pride in being part of this project, says Peter Nordlund, CEO of Box Modul.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for safeguarding critical infrastructure has surged dramatically. Many organizations are reevaluating their technological vulnerabilities. Moreover, concerns over the shifting global security landscape and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have driven the demand for increased security and various forms of shell protection. Clients now see a heightened need for solutions incorporating armored steel as protection against intrusions for applications such as facades, vehicles, or mobile modules. This heightened demand extends to scenarios where modules must be deployed in various challenging national and international environments, necessitating enhanced shell protection.