Our dedicated team keeps everything running smoothly

9 June 2021

This is our Stores manager, Johan. He works at our steel factory in Jokkmokk, making sure everything runs smoothly. He keeps track of all the orders and the materials we have in storage, stocking up on everything we need to harden, cut and wrap customers’ orders.

It’s a busy job and a pivotal one — an important cog in our steelmaking machine. Even though Johan says he now enjoys multitasking, this hasn’t always been the case.

“After my first three weeks being introduced to the job, I got to spend a night shift hardening steel all by myself,” Johan says. “I was so nervous and thought to myself, ‘this is too much responsibility — this is not for me’. But here I am, 16 years later, multitasking every day, and thinking I have one of the best jobs there is. This job really challenge me.”

“I like it here. During my workday I rarely sit still, there’s always something to do. We work as a team and I always learn something new,” Johan says.

At Swebor we’re constantly developing and streamlining our workflow. Today, all our information is digitalised, which makes it easier for everyone to keep track of orders. Every day we are focused on improving the results and the quality of our steel — because steel from Swebor is made to last.


Johan at Swebor