Quality steel counterweights made in Luleå, Sweden

15 September 2020

Swebor Counterweights™ have been produced in our facility in Luleå, Sweden, since the early 2000s. Sandra, our CNC operator, joined the team here in 2012 and plays an important role in flame-cutting and machining the counterweights to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

Counterweights are vital to the safety of machinery used to shift huge loads — like cranes, reach stackers, forklifts, excavators and other heavy machines — as they are used to balance out the weight of the load.

“I started working at the Swebor steel factory in Jokkmokk straight after high school in 1998. My dad was the site manager back then,” Sandra says.

After gaining years of experience working with the steel hardening process in Jokkmokk, Sandra moved to Luleå and has been working on the production of Swebor Counterweights™ ever since.

“It’s a great workplace and a busy environment — there’s always something to do,” Sandra says. “At our facility here we’re able to manufacture counterweights in various shapes and sizes to accommodate our customers’ demands, so it’s always interesting and diverse.”

Swebor Counterweights™ are made of steel and which achieve the target weight in less volume than concrete counterweights. The steel also makes our products more resistant.

Swebor is a company founded on quality and trust. Our skilled team is the driving force behind our success. Thanks to team members like Sandra we can offer quality steel counterweights worldwide, with excellent shipping times and pricing.

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