Swebor names Petter Eriksson as next CEO

11 February 2019

In January 2019 Petter Eriksson entered as CEO of Swebor Svenska Stål AB. The former CEO, Hans Bergman, will continue working within the company.



Petter Eriksson has years of experience in finance, sales and leadership from previous work, most recent as office manager for Handelsbanken. Now he’s taking on the job as CEO of Swebor.

– It’s very motivating to get the role as CEO of an international and well-managed company such as Swebor. We’ll continue to build the good reputation that is synonym with Swedish steel by further design- and product development. We’ll also increase our global presence to meet market demand, says Peter Eriksson, CEO of Swebor.

Swebor is owned by Hans Bergman, who will have a greater focus on sales, business development and market in his new position.

– I’ve worked at Swebor for a long time and had a lot of different roles. During the years I’ve gotten many meaningful relationships with customers around the world. I’d like to focus even more on them now and with Petter as the new CEO we can continue to grow as a company, says Hans Bergman.

Swebor Svenska Stål AB offers steel products for mining-, transport and security industries. The revenue is estimated at 200 million SEK and the company has a global presence. The main office is in Luleå and the production takes place in Jokkmokk, with a capacity to produce 20 000 tons of steel per year.

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