We are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Swebor LatAm

30 May 2022

Three years ago we established our subsidiary in Mexico – Swebor LatAm. Our Swebor LatAm team is selling a full range of armor steel grades from 440 to 600 which can be used in protection applications such as vehicles, buildings, bunkers, doors, banks and bank vaults. In Mexico we also offer a wide range of edge and bar profiles for the mining industry.

After three years of operation — Swebor LatAm is providing Swebor steel to customers in Mexico and nearby countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

Last year Swebor LatAm signed an agreement with Voestalpine to also sell Durostat 450, 500, HSS and alform plate 700 M to the mining and transportation industry.

Our skilled team makes Swebor who we are — a company founded on quality and trust. Without great people, we wouldn’t have great products.


Swebor LatAm team

Staff picture from Armor fair 2021 in Mexico.

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