Accuracy, precision and years of experience

8 July 2020

Meet Christer. He’s one of our Process Operators and a long-time member of the team. He joined Swebor way back in 1984.

Over the years Christer has helped produce all kinds of Swebor steel products and he has experience in every part of the steel-making process, from hardening to leveling. These days he mainly works with our leveling machine – which involves passing steel plates through rollers to ensure they have a uniform thickness.

“At the moment I’m working on our armor steel and wear plates products of different thicknesses and sizes,” Christer says.

He’s seen many changes over the years.

“New machines have been installed and new processes have been developed, making our production lines even more efficient,” he says. “With new machines we were able to improve our quality and offer our customers a wider range of products.”

We have a long and proud history of producing wear plates. Today we produce a range of Swebor Wear Plates™ in five different grades, made to both standard and customised dimensions. Our products are supplied to a variety of industries around the world. Wear plates are used to prevent excessive wear or damage to crushers, bucket scrapers, heavy earth moving and lining equipment, trucks, shredders and more. Swebor Wear Plates™ have a unique combination of hardness, toughness, planarity and workability.

Leveling is a crucial part of the wear plate and armor steel production process. It is a craft which can take years to learn.

“Depending on the thickness of the plates, the leveling settings have to be adjusted, which can be challenging if you’re inexperienced,” Christer says. ”It takes accuracy, precision and specialist knowledge to achieve the high quality our customers expect.”

Thanks to our skilled team, not only can we meet our customers’ demands, we can also continue to improve the quality and supply products with extreme durability.


Christer at Swebor

Photo: Christer – Process Operator