Creating superior designs to support your needs

19 April 2021

At Swebor we understand that getting the design of something right is the key to its eventual success. It’s why we’ve invested heavily in computer-aided design (or CAD) technology — to ensure we can give you the full support you need, from the initial concept to the final build.

Our specialist CAD computers allow our highly skilled designers to create, modify, analyze and optimize any design, for any object. The software means our team can be more productive and efficient. It helps them find ways to improve their designs, to more effectively communicate the potential of those designs to our clients, and to build a valuable database for the manufacturing process.

CAD software programs we use include:

  • SOLIDWORKS Premium 2020
  • Creo Elements (Pro/ENGINEER)
  • Autodesk AutoCAD.

But a CAD program is only as useful as the designer using it. While a computer program can tell you what a design will look like if you build it in steel or wood, for example, it’s the designer using the program who makes the actual decision on the most appropriate material to use. It’s those kinds of decisions which, inevitably, affect functionality.

CAD software also can’t tell you which design is more aesthetically pleasing — which is a primary consideration in some industries, where form overrides function. We understand this. It’s why Swebor employs the very best skilled and qualified CAD designers.

Our designers are here to help you throughout the design process. They can help you establish research and development documentation, create procedures for your company growth, and ensure the trackability of your:

  • Project design requirements
  • Design development plans
  • Design task list
  • Parts number register
  • Design department agenda and minutes
  • Design calculations
  • Design department review
  • Design and development change form
  • Engineering release document
  • And much more.

Our design team will not give you just one option and hope you like it. We develop concepts and options and provide advice about the revisions we feel will really make a difference.

It’s our job to make sure our steel is used in the best way possible to help you achieve your business goals. We’re proud that our CAD software and our incredible designers are able to play such vital roles in ensuring our clients’ success.