Meet our CEO

14 November 2022

Petter Eriksson, CEO at Swebor, has a career spanning more than 10 years in the banking and financial services industry. He joined Swebor in 2019.

Petter has a passion for business and enjoys getting to know our clients and building strong, long-lasting professional relationships.

“Swebor is known for our high-quality steel, but we’re also a company with a great history and great people. We pride ourselves on our people-oriented culture and approach to business, which is all about building and valuing our relationships with our staff, customers and partners,” Petter says.

“During my years as CEO at Swebor I’ve gained a great deal of satisfaction from seeing how our people-first approach has directly contributed to achieving our corporate goals and successes. Our commitment to that is as strong as our steel.”

“To very much enjoy what you do, as I do, and to work with great people at a great company, is an unbeatable combination.”

Swebor has been able to create a powerful team of professionals, all committed to producing the best-possible steel products while maintaining a high standard of service to all our customers around the globe.

“Swebor’s employees are the cornerstone of our business. They are enthusiastic and reliable, come to work with a great attitude, and maintain their own high standards of integrity. Together, they make an incredible team. The outstanding results we continue to achieve, both for the business itself and for our community, are really a tribute to our people,” Petter says.

When not on business trips visiting our international clients, you can find Petter at one of our Swebor offices in Luleå (Sweden) or Dubai.


Petter Eriksson SEO at Swebor