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10 June 2019

Swebor are members of SOFF

In April this year Swebor became members of SOFF, The Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association. Read more
16 May 2019

Swebor visited Expo Seguridad in Mexico City

Between May 7 and 9, the annual Expo Seguridad was held in Mexico City, one of… Read more
15 May 2019

Swebor visits Australian steel partner Bisalloy

Bisalloy Steels has this week welcomed senior management from Swebor Svenska Stål AB (Sweden) to Australia… Read more
1 May 2019

Swebor starts a subsidiary in Mexico

Swebor Stål are proud to announce their new subsidiary in Mexico, led by Federico Forastieri. Read more
2 April 2019

Introducing a new labelling machine

As a part of further investments being done in the Jokkmokk factory, Swebor has now installed… Read more
11 February 2019

Swebor names Petter Eriksson as next CEO

In January 2019 Petter Eriksson entered as CEO of Swebor Svenska Stål AB. The former CEO,… Read more
25 January 2019

Swebor and Bisalloy JV are preparing for IDEX 2019

The joint venture (JV) SweBis Middle East FZE, between Swebor Stål Svenska AB and… Read more
20 June 2018

Ardalan Shekarabi visited Swebor

The Swedish minister for public administration, Ardalan Shekarabi, took his time to visit Swebor’s factory during… Read more